Guatamala Antigua Panchoy


Antigua, the oldest and best known coffee growing region in Guatemala, has played an important role in the development of coffee ever since the Jesuit missionaries introduced coffee to the country in 1760. The Antigua valley is called Panchoy, a name from the indigenious Cachiquel tribe meaning large lagoon. This name has been used for the valley since the founding of Antigua hundreds of years ago. The valley is surrounded by three impressive volcanoes, “Agua”, “Fuego” and “Acatenango”, creating beautiful vistas in every direction. The soils in the valley are composed of volcanic ash; dark in color and well drained. They contain an unusual concentration of minerals which creates unique fertile growing conditions that contribute to this region’s highly regarded coffee production.

Location-Antigua, Guatemala

Altitude-1,500 meters


Process-Fully Washed

Drying-Sun dried

Harvest-  January – March

Notes of tangerine, lime and honey – roasted at medium

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Weight 1 lbs