Brazil Natural Yellow Catuai


Sitio da Laje is a 75 hectare Estate located in the municipality of Poço Fundo, in the Barreiro region of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Coffee has been grown here for over 40 years by Varnei Alves and his family. The farm is planted completely with Catuai trees. Elias, the youngest son, encouraged his father to focus on producing high quality coffee in order to remain profitable growing coffee in an area of Brazil that is uniquely mountainous. This topography does not allow them to use the heavy mechanization you see in other areas. Varnei and his sons, Elias and Estevan, coordinate and oversee the harvest while their wives are in charge of the drying on patios. All of the Alves’ coffee is hand-picked, and all of the processing is done on-site. To better organize and market the harvest, they have divided their farm into multiple parcels of which we are offering our 3 favorites: “Gerezim”, “Morro Grande”, and “Barreiro”. When asked what he would like to tell consumers who enjoy his coffee, Elias answered, “This coffee is produced with passion and love by my family. We have lived in the same place and grown coffee here for decades, and are finally seeing good results from our daily hard work. We hope you will enjoy it; that is our motivation to keep producing better quality coffee.”

Location-Minas Gerais, Brazil

Altitude-3,608-3,937 Feet (1,100-1,200 Meters)

Varietal-Yellow Catuai

Process-Full Natural

Drying-Sun and mechanically dried

Harvest- June- August


Notes of dark chocolate with a hint of caramel – roasted full medium

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