A jar to hold donations to The Common Account rests on the counter at the cafe.

Early in the spring of 2017 we created what we call the Common Account. We wanted to try to address some of the issues in our town around homelessness, hunger and panhandling. There are many points of view on this subject, and even individually one’s own vantage point changes. We wanted to address this in our own way, as members of our community, and as a small business that is partly sustained from selling food. The Common Account funds our sliding scale menu for those who cannot afford the full price. People donate to the fund increasing its balance while others who are in need draw down from the account. If you would like to help sustain this project please feel free to donate here.

Thank you, and we hope we see you again soon.

Project history

We are hoping to have the donations cover 66% of retail prices. This would cover food and labor costs for those meals. 

Week of June 26: Served approximately 100 meals. $580 was donated, 53% of the $1083 Retail cost.

Week of July 3: Served 95 meals. $572 was donated, 58% of the $970 retail cost. Thank you to all who donated!

Week of July 10: Served 170 meals. $797 was donated, 46% of the $1720 retail cost. A big thank you to the generous person who donated $300 to the Common Account through our website! Thank you all for your continued support!

Week of July 17: Served 160 meals. $755 was donated, 44% of the $1687 retail cost. Another $25 online donation! Thank you all for your generous contributions!

Week of July 24: Served 130 meals. $698 was donated, 54% of the $1296 retail cost. Thank you for you generous donations!

Week of July 31:  Served 90 meals.  $870.23 was donated, 112% of the $774 retail cost.  Thank you for your generous donations!  WE are on a roll!

Month of August 2017: 
Served 292 meals.  A total of $3,586 was donated.  That’s 102% of the $3,518 retail cost.  Thank you for your generous donations during the month of August!  We greatly appreciate it in order to keep this project going!

Month of September 2017:
Served 300 meals. $3235 was donated, 90% of the $3580 retail cost. Thank you for your generous donations during the month of September!